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Born at Startup School


February 2014

When Paolo Dobrowolny came to San Francisco last February 2014 to attend the MTB Startup School, he didn’t know what was waiting for him. At MTB Startup School Paolo and his team refined the business model and learned soon that finding a parking spot in busy cities like San Francisco is a serious problem. Many drivers would pay more than a few bananas to solve it! Out of a sudden MonkeyParking got a lot of press release, attracting Silicon Valley investors that contacted Paolo and the team. Paolo in now back to San Francisco for  making his dream happen. Best of luck! Read more.


November 2012

CharityStars is a startup that offers a social online platform to raise capital for non-profit organizations. Francesco Nazari, one of the founders, participated to the November 2012 edition of the school and got totally inspired. Indeed, despite he was already working at the startup Scuolazoo, he started the new project CharityStars. Thanks to the insights and the knowledge gained @MTB Startup School, he was soon successful. In few months, the team raised $360K from 360 Capital Partners, met big testimonials and developed its business.


March 2012

Massimo Fabrizio, Jacopo Chirici and Valerio Castelli took part in the March 2012 edition of the school.  Thanks to this experience they formed an absolutely kick-ass team and less than 6 months later they launched, a social online platform that enables to fill job vacancies in real time in the hospitality field, and were one of the Startup showcasing at Techcrunch Italy. Well..that was quick!


September 2011

Giorgio Bertolini and Alessandro Coscia met for the first time during the 3rd edition of our Startup school. It was kind of “love at first sight” for them. Since then they’ve started developing together a great project, Ploonge. These guys have come a long way since their experience in  San Francisco, and Ploonge is now a real social network, or more precisely a social dining marketplace, and has received a $370K investment in August 2012.